Kooly Maquoleet is the blogger name of the Maquoleet!'s author, JC Fel Arquita Clemente. The name “Kooly” originated from the terms “kulot” and “curly” since the author himself possesses a thickly-popped dry dead hair ever growing on his dumb head (dead yet grows? Hmmmn!). The term “Maquoleet” is obviously the misspelled term “makulit” (naughty), chosen maybe because the author is remarkably well-behaved.

Kooly's "trip" is to version a one straight and well-told story into a crazy, non-sense, and rather awful curly story one.

Kooly Maquoleet never follows any rule aside from this he considers the golden one: “The only rule is NO RULE!”. This very idiot shallow amateur blogger claims himself to be the coolest story reteller in the whole world wide web (wwww). However, Kooly never retells a cheap and infamous story, simply because when Kooly retells your story, he makes sure it'll turn out to be cheap and corny. But, to warn you, addictive!

When Kooly has not posted often, it must be caused by him lacking of “quoleet!” idea he usually gets from the inspiring “boredom”. He never gets bored easily since he has lots of things to enjoy with, like doing so much of great nothing, positioning the same tedious way the whole day on a narrow seat, and challenging himself not to wink his eyes while staring hardly on his room's favorite spot, the framed plain white photo paper, and whatnot.

Kooly hates being weird and atypical so he couldn't be easily recognized in the crowd, (you wish!). In fact, his very usual dark complexion, thick curly hair, rugged get up, and multiple facial piercings including that hidden one... on his... tongue, are clear proofs that he is very typical (in opposite, hahaha!).

In short, Kooly is extremely Maquoleet!

Anong Say Mo? ("Please comment out", yan po meaning non ha... try mo lang!)