Monday, 9 November 2009

Ghost Fighter X

Ghost Fighter X

A year after the Ghost Fighter team beat the evil plan of Sensui and he himself, the team’s very last and most powerful enemy who has seven mean personalities, Eugene and Jenny finally got the perfect timing to materialize their obstructed wedding. They all went up to the hill with Alfred, Dennis and Vincent, Michaela, Charlene and the rest of their closest friends to ask Master Jerimaya’s blessing and to invite him too in the celebration. The group took the chance to have a break in the hill since it has been too long since the last time they’ve been there to get together. Master Jerimaya, as expected, candidly gave his blessings to the young couples-to-be and told them to enjoy the place.

In the morning, every one went to the lakeside and set up a place to picnic. They’ve got plenty of foods and beverages. But aside from Eugene and Jenny, obvious affections was noticeable not between Alfred and Michaela but between Dennis and Vincent. Every one knows that they have been the closest friend ever but they were not that sweet as ever. Vincent is the most serious among the group. You can count his words by your fingers. He socializes with others very seldom. You couldn’t even feel he exist though he is around, but not that day.

Dennis, on the other hand, has been the most mysterious type in the group. He never discloses his personal sentiments to others but to Vincent, of course, out of everyone’s knowledge. Dennis has always been smart both in academics and in battle strategies. With that, he is constantly found with the girls who admire him so much. However, Dennis had had no interest to any of them. He just goes with them to get rid of being called snob.

On that moment, Dennis would lean his head on Vincent’s lap while the three-eyed warrior who is known of being affectionless type was expressing sticky reactions to the wolf man. Looking back, Dennis was reborn in the world of mortals as female when from the world of ogres where they (him, Vincent and Eugene) came from, Dennis was a firm wolf-transforming man. She was named Dennise by her mortal parents until she came back to her real self, a wolf man. However, he prefers to appear in Dennis form when dealing with people and friends.

Away from every one’s idea, Dennis developed an unexplainable emotion towards guys since he started switching personalities from Dennise to Dennis to the wolf man since the team fought against Taguro’s squad in the battle held in the world of ogres. And since it was Vincent he had always been with from those times on, he couldn’t help falling with his comrade. Possessing the ogre characteristics, Dennis’ revelation was not a big deal to Vincent. In fact, he tolerated it. So what? They both live to break every rule anyway, even that of the Spiritual World’s.

At that night, the girls isolated Jenny from Eugene. Likewise, the guys made no chance for Eugene to have a glimpse to Jenny that night. The girls had an intimate conversation. They talked about adult things. The girls went naughty that night.

Meanwhile, the guys prepared a stag party for Eugene. However, this time there was no hot chicks around, everything on the table was hard liquors and foods. They went misbehaved and got drowned of wines. And as always, guys will be guys. They talked about silly things too. Being not used to human manners, Vincent at once fell asleep as he drunk three bottles of root beers. Every one was so dizzy that Alfred followed Vincent from dreaming when he finished double as much as what Vincent had taken. Dennis leaned to Eugene while Eugene inclines on the sofa. Of over intoxication, Eugene mistook Dennis for Jenny. He grabbed Dennis’ face and gave it a passionate kiss to his lips. Dennis didn’t show any sign of disagreement and let its body react according to what it feels during that very moment.

Eugene pulled Dennis and laid him on the sofa then he begun to undress the flaming hot Dennis’ body. Temperature rose and they went deeper. They rolled over. This time, it was Dennis undressing Eugene little by little from the very top button of his shirt to the zipper of his pants. Dennis wandered his lips all over Eugene’s steaming body. Both were enjoying that very chance without worrying about any consequences after. Slowly, Dennis headed downward where something pleasurable was hardly waiting. He aimed the target and bit by bit unveiled Eugene’s treasure. An angry tool was revealed right in Dennis’ face. On the urge of the moment, Dennis grabbed and sucked Eugene’s pride. That was terribly awesome to Eugene that he couldn’t help a consecutive deep sighs. Dennis played the toy in every way possible. He never let his tongue miss the opportunity to have fun too. Both felt a sudden stop on their heartbeats. That was such a breathtaking moment. Eugene has never been satisfied. He roamed his palms all over Dennis’ body. They rubbed down Dennis’ back. Eugene’s fingers were as if looking for somewhere to hide in… somewhere deep and warm. When they found their way down between the two rich humps behind Dennis, he leaved the job to his wet tool. It penetrated the gateway to heaven with a sounding force. Awesome! He got an overwhelming pleasure from it and he repeated the motion over and over. His machine was turning hot that it worked a little faster progressively. The feeling was hardly explainable but was absolutely great. When his slimy oil was about to spill out, Eugene managed not to waste a single drop as he immediately pointed the pipe to Dennis’ thirsty throat. Then, he freely released the sticky fluid pumped by pressure of urge. It slipped straight down to Dennis’ excited gullet. It was a wonderful moment. That was a perfect wedding gift. Gradually, the energy of them both leveled lower.

Eugene dropped his exhausted body over Dennis. The night went deeper. They all rested quietly. Some were excited, some were drunk and some were… naked.

To be continued… (if you wish…)


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