Thursday, 19 August 2010

I Ate Some Peanuts

I was half way through the "Karate Kid" when I craved for the peanuts I've seen on the table when I ate dinner. I clicked the pause button of the windows media player to get the bowl of boiled peanuts with shell.

I was enjoying the movie that I would go laugh-out-loud when it's really funny, forgetting I'm on a headset and papa was watching news just a few steps away. Then I begun picking some pieces from the bowl. Crack the shell and eat the nuts, that was the repeated motion I was excitingly doing while watching movie. Yes, exciting... Because a story was forming in my head while doing no-look picking nut by nut from the bowl I placed beside me.

Some nuts were long and hard, that when I cracked them, it pained my thumbs. But when the shell were divided, mouth-watering nuts were waiting for me to munch. Yet, there were long but soft, and they were effortless to open, but right inside were young tasteless nuts. Without looking to the bowl, I continuously drew pieces. Some were short and hard but contain one big whole nut alone in it. Yet there were times, short nuts were soft and void. Some nuts were too small and hard to break but proved the sense of "hard to get, hard to forget" quotation. And, when it's too small and I know it's soft, I played fair to it by giving its immature seed an equal treatment to meet my tongue and get chewed. Some nuts were even playful by sprinkling me water as I pressed on them.

I never missed a piece. Every peanut in the bowl has gone through my fingers. Some nuts were brown-skinned, which were not just physicaly pleasing but also incredibly tasty. Some were yellowish and quite soft which looked awkward, yet I chewed to verify its sour taste. Some nuts were darkened and had grown roots but fairness prevailed and they reached my stomach. Some nuts slipped off but a pair of good catching palms didn't waste them.

Some nuts were very tasty while some were vague. Though they're mixed up in the bowl, it's surely that the big ones would be picked up easily that the small ones were left to choose from at the latter part. As I pursued feeding on, surprisingly, I picked up the final piece of small peanut right just when the credits rolled up.

Eating shelled peanuts was a real fun experience while keeping an eye with an spectacular movie. It's like "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know which one you gonna get" of Forest Gump. Well, my own version for that is simply non-sense as this one:
"Eat boiled peanuts while watching interesting movie, and you wont surely miss out the rotten seed."

Damn!... To my enjoyment, I even forgot to left-over some for my sis. Well, she must have seen it when she ate dinner too and had some of it. I suppose... Well it's just a peanut! Duh!

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